Hi, I’m Nisha and welcome to Super Vegan! My blog style page where you will find a range of vegan, child-friendly and mostly gluten-free recipes. I truly believe that our foods should be enjoyable, social, but also healing and nourishing. And that’s where Super Vegan is a little different. I use whole-foods and minimal sweeteners (whether natural sugars or otherwise).

I have created recipes that incorporate a range of healing plants (often referred to as adaptogens), ayurvedic herbs and superfoods that will help nourish your body, assist in reducing inflammation, and in turn promote good health. These powerful ingredients can help restore the physiological functions of the body – if taken regularly. Some of the ingredients have an acquired taste (like wheatgrass and medicinal mushrooms) so start off slowly and increase the dosage as your taste buds adapt! I can be sneaky in the way I add these superfoods, so that my children (4yrs and 5yrs) and husband (my toughest taste tester) don’t notice. So shhhhhh!

Let me show you how to incorporate healing foods into your diet, to help you feel good and look good.

Vegan Wild Garlic Recipe

Wild garlic is literally my most favourite ingredient this time of year. Its growing season is so short that our fridge is always stocked up with a wild garlic pesto throughout spring. The pungent leaf is so versatile that it can be used to stir through a risotto, put...

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Vegan Chocolate & Maca Protein Shake

Sometimes I just want something chocolatey! Ever get that feeling?! I tend to feel like this particularly post workout where I crave something sweet, rich and filling. So I have been experimenting with various vegan protein powders and ingredients and I have to say...

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Green Slammer!

Happy Monday Morning!! I am starting the day with this Green Slammer made from freshly pressed wheatgrass (thank you to all the parents for continuing with this production!) and cucumber. Mmmmmm!!! Down in one on an empty stomach, then follow by a wedge of lemon! 3...

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