Simple 6

6 Steps to Preventing Dis-ease

Life can be S.I.M.P.L.E.

The system developed organically as a result of my own experiences as I made my way through my own cancer journey.

The 6 steps – Spirit, Ingest, Mind, Physical, Love, Environment – form a collaborative programme enabling you to connect with the mind, body and spirit, and finding the courage to live the best version of your live, one that you’ve always dreamed of. By making simple, yet key changes, you will start seeing results in your health and life as a whole.

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This refers to the inner or true-self. It is not necessarily connected to a doctrine or traditional religion, and spirituality is often confused as being the same as being religious.

Our spirit often guides our work and recreational choices, and determines how we view our life purpose. Here we will explore how to develop our spirituality using techniques such as mindfulness, anchoring, and breathwork. These can help to induce feelings of hope, peace and comfort.


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Here we will learn about the common mistake of over-feeding but under-nourishing the body.

You will learn how to focus on (and create) meals that alkalise and balance the body, thus reducing unhealthy food cravings and maintaining a healthy weight. Recipes for adaptogenic smoothies and lattes can be found here.


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Here I explore the mind-body connection and the importance of acceptance, mindfulness, and letting go of negative emotions.

You will learn simple techniques to effectively manage stress, clear negative emotions and improve your mood and happiness. Here I employ tools such as NLP, Time-Line Therapy, Hypnosis and EFT.


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Here you will learn simple techniques for relaxation, releasing tension and detoxification, which in turn improve the immune system.

Hypnosis, breathwork and mindfulness are all employed here as appropriate.


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Here we explore the key relationships in your life including that with yourself.

We explore the role of supportive networks and how they can be developed and strengthened.


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Here we will explore the levels of toxicity in your immediate environment.

You will then learn simple steps to reduce your daily exposure to environmental toxins and in turn improve your physical environment. Simple recipes for cleaning and beauty products are also introduced.

Let me support you on this journey. When you change the way you see…what you see, changes.