Kind Words

“Nisha helped me more than I ever imagined possible… I needed help, guidance and support…help with guilt; for putting my family through this awful pain. It was a difficult time. Nisha taught me cognitive therapy techniques, ways to cope with past and current situations. Taking a negative thought and being able to change it into a positive. She guided me to write a daily diary, drawing, meditating and filling out my thought record on a ‘what can I control’ sheet. She also gave me a whole list of tools I use when I need to process and digest new information.”

“After a diagnosis of Breast Cancer and following treatment my head was in a mess. Nisha worked with me over 4 weeks and I can happily say that I am in a better place now.

Nisha was determined to get to the root of my problems and was able to offer strategies to deal with them. I was instantly made me feel at ease and I felt very confident that I would get the help I needed.

“I’m losing weight and feeling good about myself again. After breast surgery I didn’t think it was possible.”

“Thank you so much for your time and expertise. You have helped me in so many ways.”

“Thank you so much. I feel like a different person! I’ve been starting to implement some of the things we talked about. Thank you so much again! I really enjoyed working with you. You are an incredible therapist and I feel so lucky to have met you and had the chance to work with you.”

“I felt great after our session today and can’t believe how effective the EMDR was! When I think back now – I feel very different and really feel like I can move on now. I really feel better, and feel like a weight has been lifted. It’s very strange! Thank you for all of your help, I found all of our sessions so helpful and particularly the last one very empowering”

“Nisha has been absolutely lovely to work with, always made me feel very comfortable and is very easy to talk to. I have found our sessions invaluably helpful and empowering.”

“I still can’t quite believe what happened, particularly so swiftly! I have tried a few times to bring to mind the image of myself and my husband hearing the oncologist deliver her prognosis but I honestly can’t. The memory is almost totally obscured, as if it’s blocked somehow. I am totally in awe of what you did and can’t thank you enough. It was a genuine pleasure to meet you.”