Cancer Coaching

As a Cancer Coach and a Health & Well-Being Coach, I will work with you to develop a tailored support programme whatever your goals may be and regardless of where your cancer journey begins. Combining my professional expertise with personal experience, I enable those I work with to make the unmanageable more manageable. I aim to provide you with simple tools using the SIMPLE-6 programme, to help you live an extraordinary life…no matter what challenges you may be facing.

How to share your cancer diagnosis with loved ones

What support to ask for and how

How to help others to understand your cancer journey

What to ask your consultant / nurse

Coping with pre-treatment / chemotherapy anxiety

Dealing with surgery (before & after)


How to make dietary changes

Coping with hair loss and sensitive skin


Feelings of isolation and loneliness

Joint pain

The importance of and methods of detoxification

Returning to work

Fear of re-occurrence and reducing the likelihood of re-occurrence

Getting back to wellness

Once you enrol on a programme, you will receive an in-depth questionnaire to fill out and return. This will be reviewed during your first meeting, allowing us to develop a plan that is best for you. Consultations are face-to-face, via telephone or video calling e.g. Skype or WhatsApp.
Option 1:

1 hour telephone consultation followed by a tailored lifestyle plan.

Option 2:

Pay-as-you-go coaching. 1 hour sessions using a range of tools to best meet your needs and goals.

Option 3:

Half-day intensive coaching employing a range of psychological tools to improve well-being.

Option 4:

A full day coaching session building on the above. It’s also a chance for us to create a tailored and collaborative programme that you can then use as a reference guide.

If you are unsure which approach or option best suits your needs, book your free DISCOVERY CALL and find out how I can help you.