Some general musings, articles, health hacks and stories from my life.

Keeping Germs at Bay – Naturally

Keep germs at bay this Christmas! Regular anti-bacterial gels contain toxic and harmful ingredients that can do more harm than good. They often increase the chance of dermatitis too. That's why I've switched to this essential oil based one from Neals Yard. Organic and...

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Beyond Breast Cancer’s Launch Night @ Foodies.Rock

Wow! Oh What a Night!! A huge thank you to everyone who made Beyond Breast Cancer's Launch night a success! There was raw vegan chocolate, activated tamari nuts will chilli, super juices and smoothies. The night was shared with family, old friends and new. We had a...

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Thank You. To You… And To You… And To You… And You!

My daughter, Asara, sat still while I tried to fish-plait her hair this morning and said to me, “Mummy. We should say thank you to the cows”. She paused to make sure I was listening and then continued; “Because they give us milk and we have milk everyday”. I smiled at...

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Loving yourself

My daughter, Asara, who has just started in Reception, came home from school today and said she was up to 11 friends now! Very proud of herself! When I asked her to name them, she did. The first name was her own. When asked to clarify, she said “yes mummy, I am...

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