When in isolation from one another, we suffer in many ways and don’t easily thrive.

When we fail to connect with our values and to each other- we often live empty, or at least partially empty and unfulfilled lives without a sense of purpose or meaning. In effect, we become hollow.

What do we do to remedy this feeling? We fill our days with things to buy, eat, wear, things to see hoping that these things can fill the emptiness. We search for something to attach meaning to, and that meaning becomes cloaked by the material object we attach it to. So, we end up forgetting that meaning, that value. We end up believing that we need to increase or improve something, in order for that meaning or value to matter. The holidays get bigger and more expensive. The cars multiple and get more lavish. The wardrobe gets fuller. The meals get fancier. The pictures we put on social media start to document all the “stuff” and “things” that we think define us.

But none of these things really define us. And so we look for more, to have more, to own more, to show more. And why do we keep wanting more? It’s because these things may not be true to our values. They do not serve our true purpose in life. If they did, we would feel content knowing and feeling our purpose was being fulfilled.

It’s at this time that a community, built around true values and purpose, in whatever form, can give meaning and a sense of peace.

When we are in touch with our values we live with intention rather than by chance. We live driven by our own abilities and not by the capacity for “things” to fulfil us. We live deliberately – the best version of our lives.

Happiness does not come automatically. It is achieved. And it must be achieved daily though repetition of actions that generate positive outcomes, until happiness itself becomes a habit.

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