When your body is tired and run down, it puts extra strain on your immune system which in turn is unable to work as efficiently.
To help your body get the rest it needs, try my top tips for a good nights… Zzz


  1. Turn off your TV/phone and other devices at least an hour before bedtime. Blue light (which has short wave-lengths) in particular can adversely affect our sleep by reducing the levels of the sleep hormone melatonin – in turn leading to health complications in the longer-term.
  2. Make time for some Moon Mylk – an old ayuvedic tradition which involves infusing herbs/spices in to warm mylk. Spices like nutmeg and herbs such as ashwaghanda and camomile are found to calm the nervous system. I’ve got a great recipe here.
  3. Diffuse some oils – lavender, frankincense and vetiver is my go-to blend for diffusing in the late evening. The combination of oils smells divine. With lavender known for its sedative effects; vertiver for grounding the body and mind; and frankincense for its anti-cancerous and anti-aging properties.
  4. Be grateful –journaling can be a more structured way to encourage you to reflect on what has gone well for you today and what are you thankful for? It’s easy to invest in our expectations and therefore get stuck in negativity when these do not always come to fruition. A practice of gratitude can help you to break out of any negativity and help you to focus on the many things that have gone right and all the positive things/people in our lives.
  5. Meditate – this is a great way to bring your mind back to the now. A place where worry and fears about the rest of the week find it difficult to exist. Meditation is whatever it means to you and doesn’t need to be a formal practice. A few quiet moments before bed focusing on your in and out breath may be just right for you.