The benefits of matcha have been actively promoted for some time now. We know it’s packed with antioxidants (including EGCg), that it helps detoxify the body naturally, and it assists mental concentration (due to its stimulant properties). In this recipe I have combined the matcha with the sweeter taste of maca; which has its own host of benefits. These include balancing hormones and assisting with endurance and memory function. This really is a brain boosting latte!

You need matcha in your life because it’s been known to:

  • boost metabolism
  • boosts memory, concentration and mood
  • fortifies the immune system (in fact this was the very first reason I started to incorporate it in to my daily routine)
  • be a rich source of chlorophyll, vitamins and fibre.

What you will need:

½ tsp of matcha powder (I use ceremonial grade)
I tsp maca
1 cup frothy warmed milk
Sweetener to taste – if you need it (I like to use some vanilla paste).

What to do:

Mix the powders with a little water to form a paste. I use a bamboo whisk traditionally used for making matcha tea but you can use anything. Not boiling water as this will burn the matcha. Add warmed frothy milk & enjoy!