Yes! Another pesto recipe! Why? Because they are so quick and versatile and its a pretty sneaky way to add concentrated nutrition into any meal!

So what do you do with your curly carrot tops?! They are far too pretty to throw away and too nutritious. They contain 6x the vitamin C of the root and are also high in other vitamins and trace minerals such as potassium and vitamin K.

Yet another pesto recipe that is so simple and yummy that all the family can enjoy it!
My vegan carrot top recipe is:

  • dairy free (yet tastes pretty cheesy!)
  • uses minimal oil (which can be omitted altogether)
  • is very versatile
  • can be frozen


You can use the pesto to stir through pasta/roasted veggies or as a topper for salad or open sandwiches.


Tops of 1 bunch of carrots (a very large handful)
50g hazelnuts
Small handful of basil
3 tbsp. nutritional yeast (which is a good source of B vitamins for vegans)
50ml cup water
50ml olive oil (or substitute for more water for a slightly more sauce like consistency)
Salt and pepper to taste


Blend all of the ingredients on a high-speed blender. Enjoy!