Ok, so I mentioned that in completing my #5things@5am challenge I was due to start another challenge. Well, this is it. Intermittent fasting is simply abstaining from food (or drink of caloric value) for a set number of hours each day. Usually this ratio is 16/8; 16 hours not eating with an 8-hour eating window.

There are so many studies that clearly (and scientifically) demonstrate the vast benefits of engaging in this feast-fast cycle. In essence, IF is associated with…

Cellular repair
Longevity/slowing signs of aging
Enhanced brain function by promoting new brain cell growth/increasing neuroplasticity
Increasing insulin sensitivity, this has been associated with the reduction of chronic diseases (even cancer!)
Increased production in human growth hormone (HGH) with is associated with building muscle and rejuvenation
Weight loss and speeding up the body’s metabolism, as your body starts to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose
Decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation.
This all sounded so amazing – that I gave it a go over the last 3 weeks. I opted for the 18/6 ratio where I would have my eating window between 12pm – 6pm.

Well. I will be honest there were a few slip-ups. A few falls. But I was aiming for progress and not perfection. We had a family trip away, my husbands 40th, and what felt like endless dinners out.
What did I learn?

If I did go past my eating window of 6pm and eat a meal high in carbohydrates I woke up the next morning hungrier than normal.
I found myself trying to cram 3 meals into a 6 hour window. This left me feeling a little obsessed about food, very full and tired. I therefore adapted this half way through the challenge deciding instead to eat 1 main meal within the window and a snack/smaller meal before or after this.
I did better when I adopted a ketogenic type diet.


Did I lose Weight?

Despite all the falls, I did in fact lose 7lb, and 2 cm from my waist circumference! I was pretty pleased. I was never hunger, did not feel deprived, eat some form of homemade sweet every day, and, when keeping a flexible and adaptable attitude it was pretty easy.

If you are concerned about your weight, or would like advise and guidance on how to incorporate a intermittent fasting routine in to your lifestyle contact me.