Help others understand Cancer: My daughter, Asara, who has just started in Reception, came home from school today and said she was up to 11 friends now! Very proud of herself! When I asked her to name them, she did. The first name was her own.

When asked to clarify, she said “yes mummy, I am Asara’s best friend and I love Asara”. I was pretty stunned. Clever little girl (well, i might be a little biased!) I hope she doesn’t forget to love herself or forget to be her own best friend first as she gets older…like many of us adults do.

As simple as self-love, kindness and compassion sound, as we get older, we find it harder to do. We find it indulgent. Selfish almost.

So I challenge you this week to be a little kinder to yourself. Notice if your internal dialogue is being unkind. Is it telling you what you “should” do? Or even being abusive? It’s surprising how many of us talk to ourselves in this manner. We would not accept it from others, so why do we accept it from ourselves?